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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Odd Socks...

This subject popped into my head while chatting with Kevin Orr on friday 6th may, 2005...

Where do all the odd socks go???

Does the washer or tumble eat them???

What about all the other things/thoughts/etc. that go 'missing'???

The simple act of sorting clean laundry and finding that yet again I had an odd sock set in motion a chain of

Kev also mentioned some new fangled washing machine that cost an obscene amount of money but the 'generous' manufacturers were giving free socks away with it...

You know why don't you??? Is simple, the machine manufacturers know that the secret diet of these 'evil' machines is socks...pmsl

Another of life's eternal and never answered mysteries is lost/missing pens...Where do all the lost pens end up??? Only a small percentage can be accounted for by theft, so what about the millions of others that go missing everyday all over the world???


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