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Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm In Love :)

And this one should have posted Wednesday 18th May...

Part of an e-mail dated 24th November, 2004...
...wish I was there to hold you close. I just want to make you happy...

Says it all really, doesn't it :)

Those words came true for both of us yesterday.

After a long wait of almost 7 months we finally got together for probably the sweetest time of my life (except the birth of my daughter, of course) and, I hope his too...

Is very early days yet, but, who knows, stranger things happen all over the world in every moment.

People meet by chance, fall in love and choose to spend the rest of their lives together.

Almost 7 months ago I was given the chance to get to know one of the nicest guys I could ever wish to meet...He's everything I want in a guy, tall, very good looking, intelligent, kind, loving, but most important of all, he wants me 'cos I'm me :)


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