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Sunday, May 22, 2005


Isn't it strange how, just when you're thinking so much about someone, they ring you unexpectedly???

Not so strange really in this case though I 'spose 'cos I hadn't heard his voice for a few days due to work commitments...

Was feeling really low after a busy weekend with the girls trying to distract me from missing him so much, and just texting him when he rang :)

I burst into tears and I think he was a little shocked for a brief moment, but then I explained why, and he was fine with it.

That's the trouble with him being back here but 5 hours drive near, yet so far :(

In a lot of ways it's far harder being appart when he's so much closer geographically...

Not to worry, I'm sure we'll sort something out soon 'cos we both don't like the distance between us:)


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