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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Sexy Irish Guys...Yumm...

They came...

We conquered...

They took your women!!!

'Spose some things don't change about a visit from the

Can a Grand Slam and Triple Crown victory, as well as breaking our jinx for beating the Irish in Cardiff compensate truly for the 'carnage' that was to follow guys?

Ummm...for the female population it was an added bonus...:)

If you weren't in Cardiff last Saturday night then you can only imagine what happened post slaughter...

Take an already vibrant city filled to overflowing with Welsh and Irish rugby supporters...Add an air of exilleration, good Spring weather, plenty of booze, charming Irish guys and pissed-off Welsh females (taking into account the fact that the male/female ratio made it a very favourable environment for us girlies:) and you get...Lurve:)

Oh yes:)

All over and in every bar/club/pub in the city the sexy Irish were secretly having thier revenge and 'lovin it'!!!

I'm not saying anymore on the subject except congrats to our triumphant rugby team...Well done lads you worked hard and deserved it.Thank f**k you finally managed to get it together cos I've been considering just supporting my other team, Australia...and when are the Irish guys coming back...;)


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