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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Puss The Puma...


Finally did it then people...

And what's the silly, blonde bitch on about now?

Bought me a Puma, that's what:)

I actually got it a month ago but the strange happenings in my day to day life have rather spoilt the moment...

Not to worry though, I'm getting round to it now;)

She's a sexy lil' red bitch and drives like one too, just like me:)

I got up on a Monday morning, and like most things in my life, decided there and then that I was going to get me a new car...

I already knew what car I wanted cos I've lusted after a Puma for quite sometime now.

Not that I'm into cars really, far from it, but there's something very sexy about the little things...

So, on-line goes me and 30 minutes later I'd had a real good search on what was on offer locally for the right price...I didn't want to pay too much but also didnt want one that was too old, too much on the clock or

My ideal would be black, under 3 years old, less than 45,000 on the clock and preferably a 1.7...Can't have everything though and, deep down, I 'spose I know I'm suited to red cars...Well, she's red, a 1.6, 45,000 on the clock, and was exactly 3 years old the day I bought her:)

Had a good deal and the whole experience was relatively painfree (appart from some moronic finance company that insisted someone owed them money on my Ka, which I was trading-in...All turned out just to be an admin error of course)...

Didn't take me and my daughter long to name her either...She's a red Puma, so we've named her 'Puss', cos she purrs and growls:)

Should hear her growling at an obscene speed down a certain motorway late at night;)
...joking, of course;)


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