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Monday, January 17, 2005

Flight Of Fancy?

Life is a strange series of events, choices and happenings forced on us...

Been taking a long, hard look at mine, especially these last few days...

The main reason being that I have been invited to spend some time with someone I'm pretty sure I'm in love with.

There's one small problem however...He's thousands of miles away on a rock in the Atlantic Ocean.

He is such a special person to me in so many ways that his invitation brought me to tears because I miss him so much.

So, I am going to take that chance and look it straight in the face:) What have I got to lose?

Nothing really, except a little of my time. And who knows? May be the best decision I've ever made:)

I'll keep you all upto date with this subject, going to be a bit difficult not to 'cos it's mostly all I'm thinking about at the moment:)


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