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Friday, May 03, 2013

*VIRTUAL* THE BIG ONE! 99% Against Austerity Saturday May 4th 2013 12 pm Trafalgar Square "We are the 99%"...

Live blog from 11.30 am...

Good morning from sunny South Wales... Looks like the only regions that might get a light shower is The South East, maybe London, and Northern Scotland... Have a great day everyone :) 04/05/013 @ 10.32

 Blog up and running, don't forget you can take part by sending vic clips, pics and short texts to

Hello to Cardiff, Nottingham, London and elsewhere :) 04/05/13 @ 11.33

Good few hundred in TS at the mo. including a fair few police. 04/05/13 @11.56

Having a little help with pics., thanks:

Trafalgar Square 04/05/13 @ 12.15

Trafalgar Square 04/05/13 @ 12.19

There appear to be quite a few people taking a stroll around Trafalgar Square 04/05/13 @12.32

Police presence growing gradually including at least one custody van... 04/05/13 @ 12.47

ROFL... Courtesy of Anonymous :)

Allegedly, the police are asking certain people to leave even though they haven't committed offences... Sounds a bit iffy to me...

Yet more attempts, apparently, by police to separate groups and stop people from congregating...

TTFT! 'Tis moving now :)

In my view, a very heavy police presence, obviously to protect the public, of course...

Going to have to leave it there 'til tomorrow because there's no live stream... Keep well and safe everyone :)


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