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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I'm a 'RAINMAKER' :)

I've been tied up with various, including a med. neg. case as you would know if you had to read my status.
I made a calculated, cold blooded, ruthless decision to the detriment of my own health, even knowing the very real potential risks; I did that as an LIP with some input from legal people who are long term trusted friends. My daughter was an awesome oral witness.
I have achieved what is known in the legal field as a 'rainmaker'.
I do enjoy John Grisham's novels but do not mistake the term as a fiction. It is very real.
My strategy, in law and other matters, is, whenever possible, to always use four different kinds of thinking in unison. They are literal, lateral, logical and visual. Basically it means give me point A and other points whether they be just A to B or A to B to Z... I will, if it's possible, and, for me, even after the severe illnesses etc. I bloomin' will find a way to achieve it; often in a split second 
I do not wish to let this matter divide any groups; "united as one, divided by zero..."
Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for the whole collective...
One of the greatest achievements of yesterday was to hear and record the consultant say that she had taken my advice, experiences et al in good faith as they were meant and saved at least two other patients suffering the devastation that I endured and survived last July/August... She is also championing this attitude to be trialed across suitable departments of the Health Trust.
This is real progress and we must never lose sight of that...
You made me fight again and I will always be grateful...


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