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Friday, March 08, 2013

UK Housing Crisis...

In response to this:

It is highly embarrassing that in the seventhth 'richest' nation on Earth we have effectively 'abandoned' a large part of society, ie. the sick, disabled, elderly, disadvantaged and poorest families to an inhumane life of extreme poverty.

Look at the figures at home, not abroad. Our children and their parents are starving as well as other vulnerable groups including homeless and vulnerable when there are almost a million houses vacant and hundreds of thousands of other buildings likewise that could easily be made habitable for a lot less money than the cost of 'mopping' up the mess.

Putting families and others in to very expensive so called B & B accommodation is a gross waste of taxpayers money when there are a myriad of other ways far less costly and damaging to their social crises that could easily be used at a fraction of the monetary and human cost.

The vast majority of taxpayer's money is lining the pockets of unscrupulous private housing and temporary housing 'providers' when it could be put to much better use to create longer term temporary and permanent housing of hugely superior quality negating the use of these leech - like 'landlords'.

One particularly good scheme I have seen mentioned in the press recently involves specially adapted shipping containers insulated and converted in to decent sized studio flats. Why can't this idea be rolled out country wide to absorb the extreme shortage of one bed small homes? Why can't two or three containers be used to create bigger homes for families?

I'm stuck in the trap that I cannot downsize to a suitable property because there simply aren't any anywhere nearly suitable for my severe disability needs.

I couldn't afford to move even if I wanted to. It cost £750 removal expenses, over a thousand pounds in flooring and in excess of £500 for other expenses. Who would pay that now even if there were a suitable property?

I swapped houses in good faith four years ago with a couple who approached me because they wanted to live next door to one of their daughters and across the road from the other. All this was done legally, quickly and easily with the full consent of the housing association because they own both properties.

That same housing association have refused to help me even though I became extremely physically and much more psychologically disabled three years ago because of an horrendous series of life threatening illnesses and remain critically ill to this day.

However, I would gladly move, if my expenses were met and home adapted to my specific needs; even to a triple converted shipping container (I'd need a lot of extra space for my wheelchairs and two extra bedrooms for frequently needed overnight carers).

I'm willing to meet the government halfway, why aren't they willing to meet me?


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