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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cake? We can't even afford bread...

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a severely disabled person through no fault of my own due to horrendous life changing events in 2010, I ask you all this simple question: What is your party going to do to stop the CONDEMS from vilifying us all as benefit cheats and scroungers? The Government is inciting hate crimes the like this country has never seen via a media beast feeding in a frenzy for each scrap of venomous lies upon the most vulnerable in our society. 

All we ask is for the state to do as it promised; support us in our hour of need. We blindly and dutifully paid our tax and NI falsely believing that surely a UK government would never turn on the sick, disabled, elderly, poor, vulnerable and especially children going hungry in our own country. 

I replied today to this post: My disabilities were not caused by these things but would I get penalised anyway? I have asked the following question to my own MP a while ago to which she has never replied: I was in a five week coma in January 2010 under a Labour government and the prognoses were extremely bad. Would the CONDEMS have given me that same chance? I beat some of those odds and, although still severely disabled, with help can live in my own home. What do the CONDEMS intend to do with me when the rest of my services have been withdrawn? My daughter, ex husband, family and friends cover the extreme shortfall enabling me to live in my own home and as independently as possible saving the government, council and taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds.

Are any of you prepared to answer my questions?

My contact details are as follows:

Or return email

Yours faithfully,

Lynda Phillips
'Let Them Eat Cake... But Only If They Pay For Healthcare'
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