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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Confession...

There's something I need to tell you...

Music used to be my whole world...

It soothed me, stimulated my imagination and allowed me to 'escape' to another place :)

In another life I was meant to be a 'cellist, but my life isn't another, it's mine.

Art took a big part in shaping me, as did my Auntie teaching me to cook :)

We all have influence in our learning years that lead us along certain paths and I wouldn't change many of mine because they are the reason I am who I am.

Even some of the bad things have made me, but some of them have almost broken me...

My spirit, determination and faith in the world though is greater than those bad things :)

I was born with a great gift.

Not to heal, lead nations or even maybe discover great things...

I was born with Autism and I wouldn't live without the insight and view it gives me, the almost wonderous pleasure at experiencing life.

This ability is in all of us as children but neuro-typicals shed it as adults.
As they mature they lose the fresh, new, amazing awe that children see and experience the world and life.

We as autistics retain that special gift and we should treasure it to the end.

Greater understanding and appreciation is needed for us to lead less stigmatised lives.

Social acceptance has to come from you...Are you ready?

Our world is ours, we can let you in if you want ;)

You already have us in yours, you need to open your minds, hearts and views to share a glimpse of the beauty we see in everything.


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