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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Romance is Dead...

Awww...sniff, sniff:(
My long suspicions that romance has indeed expired have been overwhelmingly and undeniably confirmed recently.
How has this happened?
The main suspects are guys, yes you lot, who seem to have replaced romance with at best 'fancy a drink and a shag' or at worst 'cut the formalities and lets just fuck'!!!
I mean, come on ladies, is this any way to be treated?
We should stand united and demand our rights!
I don't mean over the top stuff of fairytales (although that would be very nice ;) but just a little old-fashioned dating, you know dinner, drinks and conversation, the odd bunch of flowers (yes you can buy them these days guys without detracting from your masculine self ), choccies (only if she isn't dieting though), that sort of thing does wonders for a woman's self-esteem.
To a certain extent, we have allowed this to happen disguised thinly by the veil of sexual equality.
Nothing wrong with sexual equality but things have gone too far.
I'm not saying that for those who want it the new way shouldn't, far from it but lets have a bit of personal choice here please;)
So, no more 'how about a quickie in the car park luv?' for me, I'm getting on you
No, I'm waiting for my Prince Charming:) (but I think he might have got a bit lost, if you see him, point him in the right direction;)


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