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Sunday, November 20, 2005


Unfortunately, It isn't me laughing :(
The resounding, irritating laughter is in my head I think, but I'm sure, somewhere out there, a Dell sales guy's ears are bloody burning...
and ARGH!!!! again.
They should be.
I have, yet again, realised my error in buying my home system from them :(
I have spent yet another age in call-centre pergatory too find out that my bloody printer is NOT covered by my all-singing and whatevering ****ing 5 year warranty :(
It is, infact the only bit appart from software that isn't covered!!! Even the mouse I murdered (by accident of course;) is covered, but the printer isn't...
***cries pathetically***
'But madam, we can upgrade your existing warranty to include your printer for the duration of the warranty on your system...'
Yeah! Right!
At a STOOPID cost of £160!!!
'£160 I say, you're having a laugh...I can buy a new one for £50!!!
So, that's what I ended up doing today.
Luckily, Curry's has a sale so I got a better Lexmark model (they make alarmingly similar printers to Dell ones btw) for £39.99 :)
Luckily too though, I didn't fall for the 'but you have to buy a USB cable seperatlely' lark cos I'd already encountered this with Dell last year :)
I just smiled sweetly at the sales assistant and said that my existing cable should fit seeing as Lexmark made my deceased printer!!!


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