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Friday, March 07, 2014

Price tag...

Everything has a price, even this:

Did I spend the last four years in an alternate universe? If the NHS had continued where ITU put me I wouldn't be sitting here painfully typing now... Four years after a coma and I have spent every possible moment chasing for every little scrap of vital health care; actually lack of... There have been numerous opportunities for proper timely intervention and treatment, but did I get it? No I did not! Why you might ask? I ask that question way too often... I was 41 in the prime of my life and career, got struck down by meningitis and a catastrophic series of life threatening/limiting illnesses, conditions and permanent severe damage and disabilities. Not just once, TWICE! The second time was the result of a complete farce of the most disgraceful (alleged) medical negligence... To get anywhere, anything done, anything properly at all you have to have means. I watched other patients not nearly as severely ill as I was get much better and timely treatment simply because they could pay private and even in a high dependency ward and a rehabilitation ward learning to walk etc. again, because I didn't have money or anyone to shout loudly enough for me, I was and am very lucky to have my life, let alone any quality which was obviously attainable as I found out after leaving long term hospital 'care' twice in the last four years. Sent home without a care plan TWICE! No follow ups, no hand over back to my GP... Nothing! Four years down the line and I am heartbroken whenever I read or hear about someone being mis treated, neglected, or even dying simply for lack of care or, actually, no one to pay private to jump queues, waiting lists, get essential early diagnosis, medication etc... On two different wards nursing staff regularly took medication out of my locked med. box to give to other patients when I couldn't even get decent pain relief or help cutting my food!!!



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