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Monday, March 03, 2014

Cost of the disabled...

Forgive me for being stupid, but I thought health care professionals are responsible for just that (my health)... 

It is not my job to do that for them, or, indeed, any other professional involved with my care for me to do/and/or/remind them of what exactly they are paid to do... 

For over four years I have been doing just that and more... 

Does that mean I can draw a salary in reflection of the amount their varying fields quite handsomely pay themselves?

Should I present invoices at a rough estimate of at least £5000 per week (time, expertise, research, costly administration; 100 civil servants don't come cheap these days; etc.)?

The kind of things I've been doing/continue to do/will have to continue to do in order for me to at least survive?

My cost to the government in so called benefit scrounging is approx. less than £300 per week which includes my 'scrounged benefits', care in the community, prescriptions and everything else I fight to get to remain in the community.

Perhaps I should send IDSiot, georgy nit, camcarrot, nick (off to oblivion with his personal millions after the next GE) et al a cheap calculator, along with realistic figures that even they can add up, to allow disabled people with proper support to remain in their homes at a fraction of the cost to tax payers and the betterment of our lives...

Which would the voters go for?

£300 per week or the horrific £2500?


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